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We are often contacted by autistic people and carers who are interested in taking part in a research study but don’t know where to start. This page will help you decide which of our studies you are interested in, whether there is a base close to where you live, and whether you meet the criteria.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many AIMS-2-TRIALS research project have paused study recruitment. The following studies are continuing to recruit participants, do please consider participating if you have the time and energy to do so.

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Autism Services Access Study (ACCESS-EU)

What are we studying?

We are conducting a study exploring autistic people and their family carers’ access and experiences of a range of services across Europe and beyond. The project is called ACCESS-EU.

How will it help autistic people?

Findings from the study will be used to shape a policy brief document addressing the need to improve service availability and accessibility for autistic people across Europe. Feedback regarding the online survey, which was sought from Autism Representatives within AIMS-2-TRIALS (which includes autistic adults, parents and carers of autistic people from all across Europe), was incorporated into the final survey.

Who can apply?

We are hoping to hear from you if you:

  • Are autistic and over 16 years old or are a parent/family carer of an autistic person of any age who is unable to complete the survey themselves.


  • Have (or their autistic family member has) accessed (successfully and unsuccessfully) a service.

The survey is open to individuals (or carers with a family member) with a formal diagnosis of autism, those who are self diagnosed and/or waiting for an autism diagnostic service.

The survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

How do I get involved?

Read more about the study and take part using the links below:







Studying Autism and ADHD Risks (STAARS) Parent Attitudes Survey

What are we studying?

With the issue of data sharing becoming more and more prevalent in research today we want to explore how parents feel about how their own, and their child’s data, is shared with others. Focusing on what kind of data they are happy to be shared, who they are happy for their data to be shared with and how much control they would like to have over the process of data sharing. We further hope to understand parent attitudes towards current protocols of providing consent for their child’s data and participation in research. We hope this study will be able to show us what parents find the most acceptable way to move forward with making their own and their child’s data more easily shareable. Due to the online nature of this study we aim to get participants from a variety of different backgrounds and with differing amounts of previous experiences with research.

How will it help autistic people?

We hope that through this study we can learn how parents of autistic children feel about their data being shared. We understand that the concerns of parents of autistic children may be different than to parents of neurotypical children when it comes to data sharing and the types of data parents are happy to share with researchers.

Who can apply?

For this study we are looking to recruit parents of children under 16 years of age who live in the UK.

How do I get involved?

The survey is available online now. By following this link, you can also read more information about the survey and hopefully let us know what you think!  For any queries please contact us at