Exploring the biology of autism to tailor treatments and develop new medicines


Researchers take their first steps on the research journey, Munich June 2018

“I was diagnosed with autism as a teenager and have had epilepsy all my life. I would love to see this research understand the links between common conditions in autism like epilepsy, so that professionals can give earlier diagnoses and more effective treatments. Waiting nearly 16 years for a diagnosis led to a lot of difficulties in school including seven years of non-stop bullying. I missed out on a lot of support too.”


Autistic person, aged 23, London

“Many autistic people face extremely poor health outcomes, yet autism research receives far less investment than other conditions which also limit life expectancy and quality of life. This grant will allow us to bridge the gap between basic biology and the clinic by offering personalised approaches that address problems which really impact autistic people’s lives”.

Professor Declan Murphy

Project Coordinator, Kings College London