Autism Community

Materials developed by the

Intellectual disabilities and autism (IDA)

working group.

The resources have been co-designed by autistic people and/or their caregivers and researchers. The IDA working group brings together autistic people, and carers of autistic people with researchers, to discuss research in this area and develop materials to improve the research and clinical experience for autistic people (particularly those with a co-occuring intellectual disability).


The Research Passport

The research passport was created to address a need for a simplified, pictorial resource for use by adults and children with intellectual disabilities. The booklet aims to be an information sharing resource between autistic people and researchers. This resource contains sections where participants and/or a caregiver can fill out information (for example about communication, sensory, likes and dislikes, emotions and past experiences), this can then be shared with the research team ahead of a research visit.

Available here in English & Espanol:

The MRI support leaflet

The MRI support leaflet was designed to provide autistic people with clear information about what to expect when having an MRI scan, what people can ask for and possible sensory supports.

Available here


Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss using these resources, as we are keen to collect feedback from users.

Looking for additional resources?

AIMS-2-TRIALS partners Autistica and Autism Europe have provided a range of

additional resources that can be found here

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