Project Management

Project Management

AIMS-2-TRIALS is a large programme that is made up of seven projects. The schematic house shows how these all come together to create one cohesive and sustainable research programme. To ensure that all aspects progress smoothly, the programme is managed by a team working across King’s College London, Roche and ARTTIC.

The house schematic below shows the programme’s seven projects. The foundations are in project management, ethics, and policy and communication. Above the foundations, are the pillars of research and our network for clinical research. The house’s roof represents that all of these activities are sustainable beyond the lifetime of the programme. Click on the house’s elements to find out more. 

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Review the ‘publishable summaries’ of deliverables here.



1. Lead the project and ensure the team complete tasks to schedule

2. Ensure the research programme complies with EU regulations

3. Facilitate communication and collaboration between team members across the world

4. Evaluate and plan to mitigate any risks, for example problems with administrative authorities




 Project Co-ordinator: Declan Murphy, King’s College London 

Project Lead: Christopher Chatham, Roche

Claudia Speiser, ARTTIC