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Whenever the consortium delivers an aspect of the grant agreement (‘a deliverable’), the IMI requires a summary paragraph, which can be made public. These publishable summaries are provided below and will be updated as they become available. The heading numbers relate to the grant agreement.

By its nature, this page contains summaries without context or explanation. The rest of this website is designed to be a more accessible and understandable resource for communicating the work carried out by the AIMS-2-TRIALS consortium. It is therefore recommended that readers explore via the menu at the top of the site. 

D1.6 Press Release

Publishable Summary
A press release was drafted by the King’s College London (project coordinator) and published by KCL and ARTTIC on 18th June 2018 through a wide network of external partners. At the same time, it was distributed to all participating institutions’ public relations offices which then sent the press release to their own contacts or used them as a communication too. Several partners translated the press release in their language (e.g. TUM in German and SERMAS in Spanish) in order to broaden the public and reaching people more locally.
Partners published the press release through their own communication channels. Several partners published on LinkedIn (BioSci got over 1,000 views on their publication) or mentioned the press release in article in their internal newsletters or on their website.
Reliable numbers do not exist, due to technical difficulties, for the reach and impact of the publication of the press release but all 48 partners used their communication channels for distribution.

D3.1 Clinical Trial Network (CTN) established and trained to GCP standards and ‘trial ready’ with a single point of contact

Publishable Summary
The AIMS-2-TRIALS Clinical Trial Network (CTN) is reducing barriers to running clinical trials in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by developing a unique and sustainable European trial infrastructure that provides access to large and diverse patient groups across a wide geographic spread in Europe. We deliver a high-quality network trained to GCP standards to conduct safe trials of promising emerging therapies for patients with ASD. The hub-and-spoke system and single point of contact will increase efficiency of the network by bringing resources together and facilitate multisite trials in ASD. We anticipate that the establishment of this network will generate improved access of patients to clinical trials in ASD, while delivering these trials faster, at higher quality and at a reduced cost to sponsors. 

D3.2 SOPs finalised and e-data management systems established

Publishable Summary

1. Clinical Trial Data Management Plan
2. Clinical Trial Data Monitoring Committee Charter 
3. Clinical Trial Data Monitoring Manual
4. Standard Operating Procedure: Study Documents Development
5. Standard Operating Procedure: Safety Procedures
6. Standard Operating Procedure: Adherence to Protocol and GCP Non-compliance 
7. Standard Operating Procedure: Data Recording
8. Standard Operating Procedure: Informed consent and assent

D5.3 AIMS-2-TRIALS Website Launched

Publishable Summary

UCAM and ARTTIC, in collaboration with KCL, Roche, Autistica and Autism-Europe, have developed the AIMS-2-TRIALS website: We aimed for the website to:
• Accurately represents AIMS-2-TRIALS
• Use language that is acceptable to the autistic community, and takes into account the autism community’s opinions (based on research and consultation with Autistica, Autism-Europe, and when in place, A-Reps)
• Is transparent and provides accessible and accurate information
• Is easy to navigate
• Celebrates successes, with appropriate acknowledgement of associated concerns
• Answers all FAQs in an accessible way

D5.5 Report of Engagement and Communication Plan

Publishable Summary

The Report of Engagement and Communication Plan reviews the communication, dissemination and engagement activities of the large autism research project AIMS-2-TRIALS during its first year, from June 2018 to mid-July 2019. The report highlights achievements across nine areas, which include changing the consortium’s culture around language use, establishing a platform for researchers to engage meaningfully with the autism community, and producing a website to tell the world about the AIMS-2-TRIALS research. Initial activities aligned with the communications strategy in the project’s grant documents and a more detailed strategy is now being developed to guide future plans



 Project Co-ordinator: Declan Murphy, King’s College London 

Project Lead: Christopher Chatham, Roche

Claudia Speiser, ARTTIC