Demcon Advanced Mechatronics BV, Enschede, Netherlands

General Information

DEMCON is a contract Research and Development (R&D) company which develops and produces high-tech mechatronic systems and products for the focus areas high-tech, medical, industrial & vision, embedded and unmanned systems. DEMCON adopts a structured mechatronic system’s approach to design. This leads to the generation of high-quality solutions to complex problems. This approach and the multidisciplinary nature of the engineering teams, covering all relevant technical disciplines, allows DEMCON to participate in R&D projects at a very early stage.

DEMCON is a fast-growing company and currently employs around 550 people in the entire DEMCON Group. More than 80% of the engineers have an academic degree in engineering. The yearly turn-over of the DEMCON Group has increased to over € 30 million in 2016.


DEMCON will develop ‘baby suits’ equipped with sensors to measure various physiological parameters, such as (but not limited to): heart rate and heart rate variability, respiration, motion, communication, and environmental sounds. These measurements will be done non-invasive and with the highest comfort possible for the infant. A large part of the work will focus on the development and integration of sensors as well as signal the development of processing techniques.

DEMCON’s main task is to identify wishes of the stakeholders and translate these into functional requirements. From these functional requirements technical requirements will follow, subsequently this will result in a design process and eventually prototypes of the ‘baby suits’.

As such, DEMCON will develop the prototype ‘baby suits’ which will be evaluated in a research-relevant environment.


Patrick Kleuskens


Patrick Kleuskens

Patrick Kleuskens

Managing Director