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Folded Feather

The AIMS-2-TRIALS Preschool Imaging and Behaviour Project was supported by Folded Feather, who designed puppetry and animation in collaboration with King’s College London to create the background of the project.

The Folded Feather team produced a short film with puppet characters in collaboration with director Matthew Huntley and the team at Hogarth World Wide, to explain to children involved in PIP how the MRI process works. This film is designed to reassure children and explain how to behave while in the scanner.

MRI Space Shuttle Environments were built for PIP sites in every country to make the scan an enjoyable experience. Accompanying the space environment screens are space themed weighted blanket covers and soft, tactile ‘space friends’ which the child can take into the scan to share their journey with and offer comfort.  

During test days, a central tool for cognitive testing will be a series of interactive tasks and games on a tablet device application. Folded Feather helped create the visual contents of the app in collaboration with the KCL AIMS-2-TRIALS team. The app was designed specifically with autistic people in mind. It combines colourful illustrations, simple animations and puppetry.

Oliver Smart

Oliver Smart

Director and designer/maker at Folded Feather

For my contribution to the PIP project I have used my years of experience as a designer, maker and performer of puppetry for screen and stage to create the characters and environment which make up this imaginary world. This has essentially been about creating a visual interface which is  stimulating, clear and enjoyable for the target audience to engage with. It is wonderful that the colourful and fun design work within this project has such a direct and practical application clinically.

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