Autism Europe Congress

Consortium members participated throughout the Autism Europe Congress 2019 on 13th – 15th September, delivering keynotes, moderating sessions and as part of the scientific committee. James Cusack (Autistica) chaired a keynote session on empowerment of autistic people in an inclusive society. Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge) presented a keynote session summarising research on sex differences in autism and introduced the AIMS-2-TRIALS ACCESS-EU study on understanding access to services across the EU. Sven Bölte (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) presented ‘From Diagnosis to Functioning and Quality of Life In Autism’. #AECongress19

Simon Baron-Cohen at AECongress19 discussing ACCESS-EU (Image credit: Guillaume Dumas)

Simon Baron-Cohen at AECongress19 discussing ACCESS-EU.
(Image credit: Guillaume Dumas)

Participants at an ECNP campfire session 2019 (Image credit: ECNP).

Participants at an ECNP campfire session 2019. (Image credit: ECNP)

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress

Over 5200 people attended the 32rd European College for Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Congress from the 7th – 10th September.

AIMS-2-TRIALS researchers Jan Buitelaar (Radboud Nijmegen) and Amber Ruigrok (University of Cambridge) held a campfire session on discovery of biomarkers in autism research. Eva Loth (King’s College London) and Louise Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin) discussed how insights about single-gene syndromes related to autism can help in this effort. PhD student Andreia Pereira (King’s College London) won a travel award to present her research on single-dose medications influence brain function.  #ECNP2019