AIMS-2-TRIALS hand gesturesA recent report published by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the world’s largest public-private partnership in the life sciences, showed that AIMS-2-TRIALS have published the most papers out of all Phase 2 IMI-funded projects.

Since the IMI was launched, the organisation has published annual publication reports for IMI projects because these scientific papers are an important way to share results with the wider scientific and health communities.

This latest report (which covers publications until 2022), shows that AIMS-2-TRIALS have produced 292 papers over the course of the project so far, and these had a citation impact of 2.92 (adjusted for the academic field), which is more than 2.5 times higher than the world average.

EU-AIMS, the predecessor project to AIMS-2-TRIALS, has produced the largest number of papers with co-authors from more than one country. 

The IMI has had two phases of funding – Phase 1 started in 2008, and Phase 2 began after June 2020.

The previous report (which covered publications until 2021) showed that AIMS-2-TRIALS was 6th in the Top 10 IMI projects with the most published research papers. During that reporting period, AIMS-2-TRIALS researchers had published 210 papers – which is double the previous year.

 AIMS-2-TRIALS is one of only two IMI Phase 2 projects in the Top 10, out of 126 Phase 2 projects.

EU-AIMS came in 2nd place.

Full details of the IMI’s latest publication report can be found on the IMI website.