The ‘What’s Next in Autism Genomics’ conference took place in February 2019 at Trinity College, Dublin. This was a free event, available to the public for anyone with an interest in autism to attend. Speakers included AIMS-2-TRIALS researchers, who outlined the latest advancements in Autism Research, with a specific focus on genomics. All talks from the day are available online.

On Friday 13 Dember 2019, the art exhibition “L’arte risveglia l’anima” – “Art awakens the soul” – opened in Pisa, Italy. The art exhibition was first showcased in Florence in 2017 and reopened in Pisa with additional works by the artist Filippo Zoli. Dr Eugenia Conti, who helped organise the exhibition, explained that this exhibition is a way to promote awareness, understanding and inclusivity of autism and the autism community into social and cultural life. Read more via the La Repubblica website, but note you may need to use your browser’s translation features.

In parallel, several events have been organised such as a book presentation, film screenings, performances and conferences. For example, an innovative course aimed at museum workers and professionals working with autistic people will be given concurrently, to create pathways increasing accessibility to Museums for neurodiverse people. The exhibition closed on February 2nd 2020 and more information can be found on the website.