Hands raised to skyThe Lancet has launched a first-of-its-kind Commission that “aims to answer the question of what can be done in the next 5 years to address the current needs of autistic individuals and families worldwide.”

The Commission’s 32 representatives are co-led by Prof Tony Charman, chair of clinical psychology at King’s College London, along with Catherine Lord, distinguished professor of psychiatry and education, University of California. Other AIMS-2-TRIALS researchers who worked on the Commission include Prof Christine Freitag (University Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe University) and Prof Emily Simonoff (King’s College London), as well as AIMS-2-TRIALS partners Paul Wang (SFARI) and James Cusack (Autistica).

Here is a link to an article and audio summary of the report on Spectrum News, which includes comments from experts not involved in the Commission:

The full report is freely available at the Lancet.

Please note this work is not part of the AIMS-2-TRIALS research programme.