OHBM’s annual event wil be taking place towards the end of June. AIMS-2-TRIALS presenters will include Ting Mei, Natalie Ford, Iva Ilioska and Dori Floris of Nijmegen, and Charlotte Prezsch and Chirag Mehra of KCL.   

Dorothea Floris Linking structural and functional imaging modalities to characterize atypical face processing in ASD (poster)
Ting Mei Multimodal analysis of autism related inter-individual variation of gray and white matter morphology (poster)
Natalie Forde Linking structural and functional brain organisation with behaviour in autism (poster)
Iva Ilioska Characterizing the functional connectome heterogeneity in autism (poster)
Charlotte Prezsch

Cannabidivarin modulates atypical striatal functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorder (poster)

Chirag Mehra Development of Whole-Brain Networks from Childhood to Adulthood in Typical Development and Autism (poster and video)

Educational courses

This year, OHBM featured a new virtual platform for Educational Courses, which were pre-recorded and watched by attendees semi-live, followed by interactive discussion. These were then available in a ‘screening room’ for attendees to watch at their leisure. AIMS-2-TRIALS consortium member Nicolaas Puts was the co-organiser of a session about using a technique called MRS (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) to investigate the neurotransmitter Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA).  Read more about the AIMS-2-TRIALS work around GABA here.

Details of the OHBM session can be found below.

MRS of GABA: Methods and applications for understanding brain function
Organizers: Charlotte Stagg and Nicolaas Puts