Professor Grainne McAlonan will co-chair a clinical session on innovative medicine approaches on July 21st with Professor Mitul Mehta of KCL

Prof. Grainne McAlonan

The session will include a number of different approaches to the topic. Eva Loth will describe the background and approach to the AIMS-2-TRIALS projects. Judit Ciarrusta will describe her work on the biological underpinning of brain vulnerability to neurodevelopmental conditions in early infancy. Nicolaas Puts will describe developments in using neuroimaging methods. Grainne McAlonan will provide an overview of current clinical psychopharmacology in autism, as well as pharmacological responsivity in the adult autistic brain. She will discuss how these approaches contribute to work within AIMS-2-TRIALS to identify causal mechanisms of autism, and novel intervention targets.

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