This paper provides a summary of the proceedings of the ‘New Frontiers Meeting’ on neurodevelopmental disorders organised by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology in conjunction with the AIMS-2-TRIALS consortium. The meeting brought together experts in developmental genetics, autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, and clinical trials from academia and industry, regulators, patient and family associations, and other stakeholders. The meeting sought to provide a platform for focused communication on scientific insights, challenges, and methodologies that might be applicable to the development of CNS treatments from a neurodevelopmental perspective.

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Díaz-Caneja, C.M., State, M.W., Hagerman, R.J., Jacquemont, S., Marín, O., Bagni, C., Umbricht, D., Simonoff, E., de Andrés-Trelles, F., Kaale, A., Pandina, G., Gómez-Mancilla, B., Wang, P.P., Cusak, J., Siafis, S., Leucht, S., Parellada, M., Loth, E., Charman, T., Buitelaar, J.K., Murphy, D., and Arango, C. (2021). A white paper on a neurodevelopment framework for drug discovery in autism and other neurodevelopment disorders. European Neuropsychopharmacology.