Congratulations to EU-AIMS, precursor to AIMS-2-TRIALS, which published more research than any other project in the Innovative Medicine Initiatives Joint Undertaking project call 3, with 255 papers by the end of 2017. This finding was reported in an IMI report – a ‘bibliometric analysis’ – which summarises the scientific output of its research projects.

The report also found that EU-AIMS publications had more than twice the world average ‘citation impact’, a measure of how often the research has been referred to in other research papers. This is used as an indicator of research quality and suggests that the scientific quality of EU-AIMS research was exceptional.

As the IMI supports and promotes collaborations between different sectors, such as academia, industry and charities, the report also explored how collaborative each project had been. This was measured by analysing the affiliations of research paper authors. By these measures of collaboration, EU-AIMS performed in the top two of all the call 3 projects.

Although EU-AIMS concluded in 2018, some of its work and its researchers continue to be a part of AIMS-2-TRIALS, which will build on the achievements mentioned here. AIMS-2-TRIALS is also working towards successful and meaningful collaborations with the autism communities by involving Autism Representatives.