Brain Development in Babies

This study will investigate early brain development in babies and whether there are any differences in babies who go on to develop autism. The study will use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to identify early differences in  brain development  in babies with an increased likelihood of developing autism. It will include babies from families where a child or parent has a diagnosis as evidence suggests that babies from these families are more likely to also have a diagnosis. Babies will have a brain scan during natural sleep in the first few weeks after birth. They will then enter our follow-up study on social skills and behaviours. This will give us the unique opportunity to study brain development from very early in life to try to predict health outcomes.

Lead organisation: King’s College London

Principle Investigators: Prof Grainne McAlonan, Prof David Edwards, Prof Jo Hajnal, Prof Mary Rutherford and Prof Declan Murphy

Research Centres: King’s College London