Autism Community

We recognise that much of our research has been decided by its funding, and we want to get much better at working with – and listening to – the autism community.

We will invite a group of autistic people to work with us, which you can read about below. In the meantime we have some indication of what the community wants from a survey of over 1000 people in 2015, which showed that their key research priorities are to:

  • Better understand how people process the senses: sights, smells, sounds, tastes and touch
  • Develop interventions to improve mental health
  • Better understand and support the development of communication and language in children

You can read the full report here.


Our Research

This project explores many different aspects of autism, such as who may develop autism, how their development may change over time, and who is likely to have issues alongside autism, such as anxiety. Find out more about our research here.

Your Questions

If you have any questions about the project and its research, see our Frequently Asked Questions here. If your question has not yet been answered, please submit it through the form on the FAQs page. We will listen and answer your questions through regular updates to the FAQs page.

Your Role

We will work closely with the autism community throughout the project. We will set up a group of “Autism representatives” from across Europe who will have the opportunity to give input on the project’s website, research studies and overall objectives. Find out more about the group and how to get involved here.

Your Language

We recognise that there are diverse views on how to talk about autism. We are continuing to discuss how to best use language on this website and would like to hear your views. Find out more here.