Autism Representatives

Autism Representatives

A group to involve the perspectives of autistic people and their families

The Autism Representative Group, known as A-Reps, will include autistic adults, parents and carers of autistic people from all across Europe. They will consult on the programme from the many different perspectives of people with personal experience of autism. This group gives the autism community an independent voice in AIMS-2-TRIALS.

A-Reps is coordinated by Autistica and the University of Cambridge, supported by Autism-Europe, and guided by a steering committee of founding A-Rep members.


Autistica James Cusack

James Cusack,

Simon Baron-Cohen,
University of Cambridge

Autism Europe Aurélie Baranger

Aurélie Baranger,

Giselle Pisani

Michal Roškaňuk

Evelyne Friedel

Agnieszka Wroczyńska

Heta Pukki

Pietro Cirrincione